Secure File Exchange with Peachtree Data

Peachtree Data recognizes the value and sensitive nature of your data. We also understand the risk associated with traditional file transfer methods over the internet. While traditional methods such as FTP are easy to use, they offer little to no security of your data. Not only is your data transferred "in the clear" over the internet, so is your user name and password. This makes it possible for someone to compromise your account and access the data you exchange over the internet.

Peachtree Data's SecureFTP provides you with a safe and secure method of transferring files. Not only do we encrypt your data, user name, and password while in transit to us, but your data remains encrypted while stored on our SecureFTP server.

For the convenience of our customers we have several methods of transferring files to our SecureFTP server. These include:

  • An easy to use web interface, with an ActiveX or Java plug in.
  • MOVEit Xfer, an free command line utility to use instead of traditional FTP
  • SFTP using SSH (Recommend method if you do not use the web site with the upload/download client)
  • FTPS/SSL supporting both Implicit and Explicit modes
  • MOVEit EZ which is a background program that can support automatic uploads and downloads from our server

The purpose of this document is to discuss the various methods available to securely transfer data with us. Please keep in mind that you are in no way limited to only one choice. All transfer methods are integrated on the same server, so your same login credentials are supported no matter which method you choose to use, and you are free to change at any time.

There are a few general polices that apply regardless of the method used to connect and transfer files.

  • Users do not have read or write permissions to their home folder.
  • Users only have write permissions to the Upload sub folder.
  • Users only have read permissions to the Download sub folder.
  • All users must use the web interface for their first login to change their password, regardless of the method of transfer they will ultimately use.
  • All files are automatically removed from server after 14 days.

What this means is that when you are sending files to Peachtree Data those files must be placed into the Upload folder. For security purposes you are not allowed to download any files that you upload to us. When you are ready to download any files from Peachtree Data those will be available to you in your Download folder.

You can learn more about software clients that are compatible with our SecureFTP server, running MOVEit DMZ from Ipswitch.