MOVEit Xfer

Exchange files securely with Peachtree Data with the convenience of a command line utility. This free software allows you to setup a script to upload and download files with us while protecting your data and insuring that files are transferred complete and error free.

The command line file transfer utility MOVEit Xfer, is perfect for those users that are more comfortable with traditional FTP clients, or who would like to automate file transfers to our SecureFTP site. Like the secure Web method all file transfers are verified to insure the integrity of the files.

The syntax used when connecting and downloading files is almost identical to traditional FTP commands. The benefits of using this method is that unlike traditional FTP everything is still encrypted using SSL. It's also firewall friendly because it uses the HTTPS protocol, the same protocol used when browsing to a secure web site.

To get started using this utility you need to download Xfer. After the download is complete, install it as you would a normal application.

When you are ready to connect to our SecureFTP site you will use the command "xfer" instead of "ftp". You can also type "xfer /?" to see a listing of commands and options.

Please remember that when connecting to send us a file you need to change the working directory to "Upload". This can be done with the normal "cd Upload" command. If you are downloading files you will need to change to the "Download" directory with "cd Download". Normal directory listing commands such as "dir" and "ls" work as expected, as do the normal "get" and "put" commands. One thing that is different is that you are not required to issue a "bin" command to change into binary mode, instead all files are transferred binary.

Xfer also accepts commands from a batch file so it is easy to automate the upload and download process. This can be accomplished by creating a text file that contains one command per line. Your user name will always start on line 1, and your password will always start on line 2. A example script file might look like this:

cd Upload
put c:\files\

To execute this task you would issue the following command:

xfer -s:script.txt

Xfer would automatically connect to our site, login with your supplied user name and password, change to the proper directory, upload the file, and disconnect. Other options are available, and a full set of help files are available in the directory where you installed the Xfer product.