USPS® Adds Military Addresses to NCOALink®

USPS will begin including military addresses in the NCOALink product, according to a release last week. This change will allow mailers to better serve their military customers, who move frequently. Expect this change to come gradually, as military employees have traditionally not used the USPS move update forms. But as the information gets out, expect to see better responses from your military contacts.


AUGUST 25, 2014

Military Change of Addresses

Primary Audience: NCOALink Licensees (Developers, Full and Limited Service and End User Licensees)

What: Beginning with product release 1145, military change of addresses (COAs) are now included in the NCOALink Product. These COAs include both old and new side foreign and domestic military addresses.

With the inclusion of the military COAs, no changes to your NCOALink software are required.

When: Beginning with product release 1145

What you need to do: With the addition of military COAs, Licensees should expect to see an increase in COA records. The increased number is undetermined since these COAs have just begun to be accepted.