F.A.S.T. Automated Data Processing

24/7 access to our data processing services.

Peachtree Data's Fully Automated Services And Transactions (F.A.S.T.) service allows direct access to our data processing engine. Available 24/7 FAST allows you to be in control of when you process your data to meet your project deadline.

Services currently available on FAST:

  • NCOALink: Identify change-of-address records before your next mailing.
  • DSF2: Take address quality and postage discounts to the next level.
  • Apartment Append: Improve the deliverability of your mailing list by adding missing apartment numbers.
  • PCOA: Find change-of-address information beyond the USPS NCOALink file with Proprietary Change of Address.
  • CASS: Standardize and validate US mailing address information.
  • GeoCoding: Enhance your ability to target your campaign by appending latitude and longitude information to your database.
  • Canadian Address Standardization: Standardize and validate Canadian US mailing address information.
  • Canadian NCOA: Identify change-of-address records for Canadian addresses before your next mailing.
  • Bankruptcy Suppression: Identify people who have filed for bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13). These individuals might not have the financial ability to take advantage of your offer.
  • Deceased Suppression: Identify deceased individuals in your mailing list.
  • DMA Mail Preference: Identify people who have requested to be removed from unsolicited mailings.
  • Nursing Home Suppression: Identify addresses nursing home facilities.
  • Prison Suppression: Identify addresses of federal, state, county and city correctional facilities.
  • Reverse Phone Append: Get name and address data from your 10 digit phone numbers.
  • Phone Append and Verify: Add phone numbers to your database and verify existing phone numbers in a single pass.
  • Demographic Append: Get detailed demographic information about your customers.

The FAST system was designed to be flexible. You have complete control over the file structure that you send to us, as well as the file structure you receive back. You also have the ability to create multiple return files based on filters.

For example, if you are running NCOALink and want a separate file that contains records that have moved, but left no forwarding address, it's easy to setup a filter to create a separate file. You have the option to remove these records from your "main" file or you can keep the records in both files. You are in control.

Benefits of using FAST

  • 24/7 access with quick turn-around times
  • Unlimited number of records processing as a single job
  • Multiple services can be ordered in a single job
  • Customize output files through filters and field selection

To learn how to prepare and submit a FAST job please download our documentation. You can also download the FAST Starter Kit which includes the How to Prepare document, as well as templates for the FASTinput.txt, FASTservices.txt and FASToutput.txt files.

When you are ready to start using our FAST system, simply contact us at 800-477-3224. We can activate your account in a matter of minutes and answer any questions you may have.