Chances are some people on your mailing list are dead. You can use our Deceased Suppression service to identify these people and remove them from your list.

This saves you an awkward conversation about why you are sending mail to someone who has passed away, and it lowers your print and mail cost.

DMA Choice

The Direct Marketing Association allows individuals to register and be removed from unsolicited mail campaigns.

You can remove these individuals, who are more than likely not going to be responsive, from your mailing list. This will lower your print and mail cost and it will keep you in compliance with the DMA Do Not Mail policy.


You can identify and remove addresses from your mailing lists that are known prisons and jails.

Chances are they don't have the resources to buy anything from you, even if they could place an order.

Save yourself a stamp and let their Mother write to them instead.

Nursing Home

Some products are not necessarily a good fit for people who live in a nursing home facility.

You can identify these addresses and remove them from your mailing list, or send a different offer to these individuals.

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Data Hygiene Services

Keep your mailing list clean and up-to-date with our full range of hygiene services.

Address Validation

Clean your addresses and make sure every mailpiece can be delivered.

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Keep your mailing list up-to-date when people move so you never lose contact.

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Identify and remove people from your mailing lists who don't want to receive mail.

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Save postage on your next mailing.

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Email Validation

Validate your email addresses before hitting the send button.

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Remove duplicate records from your mailing list and save on mailing costs.

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Capture new addresses that are not always reported to the USPS®.

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Canadian NCOA & Address Validation

Make sure you have valid addresses for our friends to the North.

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12 services combined into ONE premium data hygiene solution

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Capture moves not available on any other platform and confirm name and addresses.

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Data Enhancement Services

Gain insight into who your customers are and refine your list segmentation and list rental purchases.

Apartment Append

Don't let a missing apartment number prevent your mail from being delivered.

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You can learn more about who your customers are with demographics.

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B2B databases can be enhanced with firmographics.

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Phone Append

Pick up the phone and call your customers.

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Email Append

Say "hello" to your customer's inbox.

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Add location data to your addresses.

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Reverse Phone Append

Got a phone number? Get a mailing address.

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Reverse Email Append

Got an email address? Get a mailing address.

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Combine multiple records & lists into a single master record ready to mail.

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